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Mark Lovendale
Mark Lovendale
Health Researcher

Mark Lovendale is the health researcher who brought together for the first time the two discoveries that enable people to prevent and reverse the underlying causes of most health problems. This book gives you the new understanding of delayed food and chemical allergies. It also explains the scientifically proven optimum balance of fat, protein and carbohydrate and the safe amount of dietary cholesterol. These two discoveries now make up the foundation of nutrition science. This book will enable you to make major improvements in your health and fitness, lose unwanted weight, reduce your medical bills and add great years to your life. You will be able to help your friends improve their health.

For 35 years, Lovendale has conducted classes for health professionals and the public to help them move forward on the path to great health. His continuing work is expanding the awareness of how common delayed allergic reactions are to foods and chemicals. He explains how the optimum balance of the macronutrients works synergistically with the foods that are compatible with a person’s white blood cells.

Lovendale found that most drugs, surgeries, allergy treatments and psychiatric therapies did not work well and often made people worse. He saw that traditional medicine usually just treats symptoms rather than discovering and removing the hidden causes of those symptoms. Most advice about nutrition and most books about health and weight loss are not based on the latest nutrition science.

This book expands the narrow definition of what causes allergic reactions. And the medical studies and books cited end the myth that low-carb or other fad diets are safe or effective. The preventive care explained is the only known solution to the ever-increasing cost and dismal performance of the current approaches to health problems. Lovendale has presented these advanced approaches at medical conferences, on the NBC Today show and on several radio and television shows.


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Improving Your Health

It is now possible to discover the hidden cause of a broad range of ailments and become free of your symptoms, rather than just continuing to treat them.

Recent scientific research has shown that when you eat a food that is not compatible with your immune system, a reaction occurs that damages or kills your white blood cells. This starts a chain reaction that can cause many different symptoms and ailments anywhere in your body. This type of reaction is called a delayed food allergy. Delayed food allergies are sometimes referred to as food sensitivities or intolerances.

The delayed type of food allergies is very different from the acute type of food allergies tested for by conventional allergists. Acute food allergy symptoms are typically immediate and severe; therefore most people already know what causes them. However, delayed food allergies can take hours or sometimes days to cause symptoms. Un-fortunately, most health practitioners are not aware that delayed food allergies are the underlying cause of numerous physical and emotional problems.

Studies show that less than three percent of the population has acute food allergies and more than 80 percent have delayed food allergies.

Previously no reliable blood test was available that would show which foods were causing symptoms and which foods were compatible. After years of research an accurate way of testing for delayed food allergies is now available. This procedure is called The Prime Test®.

The Prime Test® works by combining a small sample of a person’s white blood cells with a trace amount of each food or chemical. The white blood cells are then incubated with the food or chemical and carefully studied using a microscope. If the white blood cells stay healthy, active and alive, that particular food or chemical is not likely to cause symptoms for that person. However, if the white blood cells crack, burst open and die, a food or chemical has been revealed that can cause health problems for that person.

Other methods of testing and other blood tests for delayed allergies usually miss many of the foods and chemicals contributing to or causing symptoms. This often misleads people into believing that their symptoms are caused by something other than delayed food and chemical allergies. These people continue having symptoms and suffering.

Many health problems can be dramatically reduced or eliminated by avoiding the foods and chemicals shown by The Prime Test® to damage and kill your white blood cells. Having this test is the optimum way to learn which foods and chemicals are causing your health problems and which are compatible with your immune system.

The Prime Test® also makes possible a new type of individualized health counseling which can empower you to become free of your symptoms and ailments by removing their previously unsuspected causes. Nutrition science has progressed dramatically during the last four decades. There is now a proven science that explains why the most popular diets don’t work and are actually damaging to your health.

The book Quality Longevity by Mark Lovendale covers the latest health breakthroughs for becoming free of your symptoms, preventing new symptoms and adding enjoyable years to your life. You can now discover and remove the cause of your symptoms instead of just treating them.

For the name of a doctor in your area who performs The Prime Test® and related counseling, call 949-661-4001 or 888-TestWel. For supporting medical studies, interviews, informative videos and to order the book Quality Longevity for $34 , visit our website at PreventiveCare.com